5 Ways to Get Cheated at Online Poker


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Poker is a fun game to play, and the online version has various advantages, including ease and flexibility for participants. You may play online poker against players from all around the world without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Before you get carried away with the excitement of online gaming, you should be aware that there are possible hazards that you must be aware of in order to prevent being deceived. We will walk you through five various ways you might be tricked when playing internet poker in this detailed tutorial.

  1. Complicity
    Collusion has always been a concern in poker, whether it is played live or online. And, as more gambling applications and sites are produced, it has become a major concern. That is why top sites like comeoncasino.com frown on collusion and take precautions to avoid it.

Collusion occurs when two or more participants work together undercover to maximise the odds of one person winning. Colluding at a poker table may be time-consuming and difficult, thus players that utilise this type of cheating generally do it at a higher-limit poker table.

An online player can purposefully reveal his hole cards and how he intends to play his current hand with another player by Skype, phone, or other methods. Implicit collusion is a milder kind of collusion in which players in a tournament work together to eliminate another player with a short stack if he goes all-in.

  1. phantoming
    Ghosting is another problem in both live and online poker. When a player delivers advise to another player during a poker tournament or game. Ghosting is absolutely forbidden in live competitions. However, in online competitions, it might be impossible to avoid this.

In a poker game, ghosting may occur when two buddies sit next to one other at the table. Ghosting occurs often online with the use of free programmes such as Teamviewer and Skype. When a player is being coached, he has the benefit of being able to consult with his “ghost” before making any judgments.

Ghosting is typically utilised in late stages of online tournaments with large prize pools. Aside from the second opinion that a player receives from his “ghost,” he has no other edge over other players. Ghosting is said to be the most popular type of cheating when playing online.

  1. Poker Machines
    Poker bots are poker-playing computer programmes. Because poker is a skill game in which you make mathematical calculations, these bots can make excellent decisions all of the time. As a result, they are not the greatest opponent to play against at a poker table because it substantially diminishes your odds of winning.

It’s impossible to tell if a player is using a poker bot, which is a major issue for most poker sites. These instruments can be quite sophisticated, simulating human activities. However, there are a few indicators that a bot is present in your game.

If you see a player playing for an unusually lengthy period of time with no breaks, it is quite likely that it is a bot. Aside from that, if a player is playing at too many tables at once or plays a flawless hand virtually every time, it is most likely a bot.

  1. Multiple Accounts
    Another typical strategy for some online players to cheat is to open numerous real-money accounts at the same poker site. This provides them an unfair edge because they may masquerade as different poker players to boost their chances of winning.

Multiple-accounting is an issue not only for honest poker players looking for a fair game, but it is also a problem for poker sites. This is because a player with many accounts will collect bonuses on all of them, which is known as bonus fraud.

As a result, most poker sites prohibit players from having several accounts. Many of them demand that players prove their identities by uploading credentials such as a government-issued ID card. If a player is detected using numerous accounts, the poker site will freeze all of his accounts and cash.

  1. Examining Hole Cards (Super-user Accounts)
    In a poker game, if a player can see his opponents’ hole cards, he can avoid losing any hand. Such players will know just when to fold, raise, or go all in, giving them a better chance of winning.

When you play online at a poker site, the operator only gives you your hole cards, while the other players’ are stored on the poker server, which you normally do not have access to. This ensures that the game is fair and that all participants have an equal chance of winning.

However, there was an incident in 2007 in which an employee with a super-user account was able to access a gambling site’s poker server and see the hole cards of all players. Although he was eventually discovered, it is clear that this strategy may be used to deceive poker players.


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