Randomness Is What Random Is (Also in Roulette)


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Roulette is a game of chance.

The ball is spun over the top of the wheel fixture by the dealer. That ball goes around and around, slowing down gradually, falling through the bumpers (which it frequently strikes), and then descending into the pockets, where it hops, skips, slows down swiftly, and eventually comes to rest within one of those pockets.

A number is given. THE digit! The lucky number!

A roulette game is completely random, and all possibility of gaining an advantage in the game vanished when new (now rather old) computers took over the wheels. Roulette players’ fantasies of finding an uneven wheel (or a “off wheel” or a “biased wheel”) or a biassed number are similar to tiny children’s dreams of becoming superheroes when they grow up. It will not take place. I believe that the biassed wheel is no longer an issue in today’s game.
Nonetheless, the fact that roulette is a completely random game does not prevent players from devising techniques to beat the game. Roulette players seek for ways to win despite the fact that, in the long or short term, defeating the game isn’t in the cards – or in the ball or the wheel, to put it another way.

I love hearing players discuss their plans, some of which are intriguing, some of which are, ahem, dumb, and others of which are to simply toss the chips out there and hope for the best.

This page is dedicated to the roulette players who persistently try to defeat the game by devising their own techniques. The casinos should be giving these players rewards for their efforts.

The Random Predicts Random Strategy
For many readers this strategy might seem far fetched, but I have seen some versions of it used by certain players at just about every game. It has a certain appeal and for many players who use it, the strategy seems logical.

Let’s use Bill as an example: “I like my random seeks random strategy. You see I know roulette is a random game but can other numbers that are random anticipate what numbers will come up at a roulette game? I think so.

“The day before I am going to play roulette, I look for numbers that I can bet at the game – but I am not at the casino during that time. I am out in the world in my real life.

“I have 38 numbers, one through 36 and the 0 and the 00. Okay, take this as an example. A truck comes by with a

license number something like 246 40. I write this down in my little notebook as such: 2, 4, 6 and 0. I drop the second 4.

“Now, this is the order that I will bet these numbers 2, 4, 6, 0.

“Okay, I go to work and one of my co-workers has a cup of coffee with the price written on the bag of $1.05. I will use the 1 and the 5 but I will also be looking for higher numbers, you know, double numbers.


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