Women Rule the Mobile Gaming Industry


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With the fast expansion of gaming genres on the market, gaming has become more accessible to people of all genders, ages, and social connections. Traditional games were largely found on consoles, PC, and laptop games prior to the previous decade – all of which were pricey.

Games are thought to be more of a man’s thing than a woman’s; this perception stretches back to the early days of consoles and computer games. However, data show that women consume more mobile games than males.

We will discuss how women are now dominating the mobile gaming business in this post.

What kind of ladies enjoy mobile games?

Women have often favoured mobile games, particularly ones with major themes to which they can identify. Connecting with a mobile game typically elicits more enthusiasm from women, resulting in their continuing patronage and gaming on such games as needed. In this aspect, the demographics of women playing mobile games encapsulate everything!

According to a Google Play survey conducted in 2017, all female demographics in the United States play mobile games. It was discovered that 49 percent of mobile game players are women, and 65 percent of US women aged 10 to 65 play mobile games. Furthermore, 60 percent of females in the United States play mobile games often (daily), compared to 47 percent of male gamers. The study also found that 64 percent of women prefer playing mobile games over all other games, compared to 38 percent of males.

In terms of gaming enthusiasm, 60% of women said that playing mobile games gets them pretty enthusiastic. In Norway, where there are 1.3 million mobile game players, Statista discovered that 51 percent of girls and 26 percent of boys play mobile games.

What kinds of mobile games do women enjoy?

According to a 2017 poll conducted by Quantic Foundry, a consumer-based gaming research business, the following 5 genres are more popular among female gamers:

Family / Farm Sim; Casual Puzzle; Atmospheric Exploration Games; Interactive Drama Games
Women, like men, like making money by leveraging their gaming skills to play cash-rewarding games of chance. We’ve seen enough to be completely convinced that women can do it, too! This is common in Canada, where many women are attracted to generating money through bingo and online slots. According to an 888Casino survey, 60 percent of all female gamblers choose bingo. Most males, though, prefer sports betting.

Casumo, an online casino, gives ladies a distinct choice of casino games such as slots for women in recognition of their gambling ability. In this Casumo casino review, you can learn more about the casino and the games offered.

Few games are designed specifically for women

According to a Google Play study, 44 percent of the top 100 revenue-generating games on the Google Play store contain male iconography. According to the survey, a bigger proportion of female mobile gamers still feel that just 30% or fewer of mobile games are tailored for women. In all, 27.8 percent of females, transgender people, and other genders are represented in game development. These results suggest that few games are aimed towards women, who should certainly be taken into account and included into the gaming landscape.

Women are more likely to spend money on mobile games than males

According to the aforementioned Google Play report, ladies who play mobile games are 37 years old on average. One out of every three female gamers would like to pay for mobile games and perhaps wager real money on them. Two out of every three female mobile game players watch YouTube gaming videos to improve their abilities. All of these statistics show that women are more inclined to spend money on mobile games if they are engaging and intriguing.


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