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We need casino, betting, and gambling platform writers. You need not be a gambler to create an article and submit a guest post. This is a forum for sharing your views and expertise. It includes writing beginner instructions, reviews, and general articles. We want to give a single, attractive platform to answer all queries and quench information desire. The betting world is huge, so even a single skill might be valuable.

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What Do Our Writers Need?

We value writing thoroughness over experience. We want adaptable authors. We value experimentation and creativity. These points clarify:

  • You need simply English proficiency.
  • You should love writing and studying.
  • Unique writing styles are appreciated, but not required. Being unique is a plus.
  • Research is essential for creating high-quality content. You should be willing to research online or other sources for your paper.
  • Casino, betting, gaming, and their systems should be understood. Nothing is impossible if you’re eager to learn and don’t know.
  • We want positive, captivating content. It should be clear and concise.
  • You can express yourself through articles, but we demand betting-related publications.

We’re a great place to “submit a guest article” on betting, gambling, and casinos. You’ll be appreciated if you’re inventive and willing to try. We won’t encourage idleness. You’ll get far by collaborating with us. Our writers must follow specific requirements.

How To Write For Us?

Each writer must follow these guidelines. These protocols distinguish us from rivals and improve our performance and articles. We expect our writers to follow them:

  • We like a 500- to 1500-word piece. We want someone who can write captivating headlines and intriguing content. Articles should be 550 words or more.
  • We don’t accept plagiarism since we publish unique stuff. Copy-pasting is not allowed.
  • English skills are required. Professional writers must have strong grammar skills.
  • The article should be well-formatted. Titles, headings, images, bullets, and formats should be used. Be thorough and professional with spaces and paragraphs. Smoothly transition between lines and paragraphs.
  • Don’t repeat. Try to avoid repeating words. Don’t repeat information from the article. It’s unacceptable to do so to meet word restrictions.
  • Submit work on time. If you can’t complete the assignment, say so. Don’t accept late work.
  • Once you submit your content, we own it. We reserve the right to rewrite, alter, or publish it.
  • We may add internal links, Affiliate links, and authority sites.
  • Sending us published stuff is like plagiarizing. We refuse.
  • We provide general content, so write broadly. If we assign a promotional piece, you’ll get extra instructions.

Read the work’s instructions. Follow directions carefully. It reduces mistakes and improves content quality.

After finishing an article, check for spelling, grammatical, and format errors. Check the rules again.

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